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Behavioural issues

Our emotional states have a powerful effect on our habits and behaviours and vice versa. If we experience negative emotional states, such as stress, anxiety, or low mood, then our outward behaviours can change. This may include changes in our sleep, and many other habits. I’ve helped many people to address the negative emotional states that drive their habits, helping them get back in control of things, as well as enhancing their ability to deal with negative emotions in more productive ways.

Problems sleeping or insomnia

If we’re upset or stressed, we may notice our sleep can suffer. It may take ages to fall asleep, or we’ll wake during the night or early hours of the morning, seemingly for no reason. Others can sleep through the night, but when they wake, feel like they’ve hardly slept at all. We may also experience nightmares or bad dreams. Such sleep disruptions are due to chemical changes that occur during times of stress or upset, which alter our bodies’ ability to rest. Hypnotherapy can help address these changes and help you cope with stress, facilitating better sleep.

Comfort eating or drinking too much

Sometimes, in an attempt to deal with unpleasant emotions, such as stress, anxiety, low mood, or even boredom, people may develop other unhelpful habits or addictions such as overeating/bingeing or comfort eating or drinking alcohol to excess. These (and many other) habits provide a temporary diversion, but don’t resolve the negative emotions themselves. Usually, such habits also create further negative emotions such as guilt or anger, which in turn continue to drive the behaviour. Hypnotherapy can help break these cycles, helping you change your habits and manage your emotions in healthier, more productive ways.

Unwanted habits & compulsions

Other habits I can help with include Hair pulling, Nail biting, Teeth-grinding, Hoarding as well as many other habits & compulsions, sometimes driven by obsessive thoughts and rituals or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

“I just can’t stop myself…”

“I always turn to food

“I lie awake for hours. I just can’t sleep

“I can’t settle unless I’ve done it”

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