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Depression & low mood

I help many clients who are struggling with low mood, negative thoughts and depression; sometimes a person may know what has caused them to feel so unhappy (relationship issues, change in work circumstances or health problems), but more frequently there is no apparent cause - the person may have just lost interest and motivation for things, feel down, hopeless or overly emotional/tearful. Often such feelings are accompanied by other negative emotions such as anxiety, but can also impact on our behaviours, for example, by interfering with sleep, or causing changes in appetite. Often, people can also become very withdrawn, or stop doing activities they used to enjoy.

Hypnotherapy can help address low mood and help people deal with the negative and overwhelming thoughts and other symptoms of depression.

Low mood and negative thoughts

Most people will experience sadness, negative thoughts or ‘feeling down' at some point in their lives, when going through a difficult time or when experiencing changes in their life, and usually only for short periods of time. Sometimes, people may experience low moods more frequently, in between other times when they feel fine, experiencing bouts of negativity/low mood that can vary in extent, and that are not indicative of Depression.


I also help many people who have been diagnosed with Clinical Depression, who may or may not be taking prescribed medication such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). People experience depression in different ways, to varying extents and can experience a wide variety of symptoms. Depression is very common and is characterised by feelings of sadness, hopelessness and low mood and many other symptoms that persist continuously for several weeks or months.

As well as clients seeking help for Depression, I also receive direct referrals from GPs, as Hypnotherapy can help people to manage and overcome their symptoms of Depression (in conjunction with medication as appropriate). I can also help clients deal with other negative emotional states such as those associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

“I’ve got no get up and go any more”

“I cry at everything”

“I’m so fed up. I can’t be bothered”

“I feel so down and hopeless

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