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Chronic pain

As well as the physical implications, long-term health problems can have a huge negative impact on an individual’s emotional health and well-being. Acute pain typically occurs after an injury or illness, and the pain reduces and eventually resolves once the injury has healed. Chronic or Persistent pain describes pain that lasts longer than a few weeks or months. Living with pain on a daily basis can be exhausting - both physically and emotionally and can lead to stress, insomnia as well as depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, many physical symptoms are made worse by such issues, with the chemical nature of negative emotional states increasing both the frequency and intensity of pain perception. This then leads to a complex, negative cycle between mood and pain.

Persistent pain can also leave sufferers feeling hopeless and withdrawn, and sometimes angry and frustrated, especially when experiencing side-effects from powerful medication, which can sometimes lead to feelings of nausea or ‘foggy’ thinking. Daily tasks can seem difficult and overwhelming, and leave individuals exhausted and unable to enjoy other aspects of their lives.

I’ve helped many clients suffering from a wide variety of pain-related issues, helping them to manage their pain and to re-engage with their lives. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in reducing the emotional and physical impact of pain in conditions such as:

Having suffered from persistent pain in the past myself, I am aware of the potentially negative emotional states that can arise when living with painful and debilitating conditions. Hypnotherapy can help sufferers to alter their perceptions of pain and to start engaging with and enjoying life again.

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