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So many clients seek my help because they’re struggling to cope with the psychological & physical effects of stress. These can include a variety of symptoms, such as experiencing Anxiety, Low mood and other emotional issues, or negative behaviours - such as sleeping issues, comfort eating or drinking too much. Stress can also make a number of physical issues worse, such as skin conditions like eczema or acne, increased frequency of headaches, or cause flare-ups of painful conditions. It can also exacerbate issues such as IBS, and some autoimmune problems.

We all experience periods of stress from time to time, and mostly, we can cope. Some stress can motivate us, helping us focus on the things that we need or want to do. However, for many people, when there is just too much to try and deal with, or they’ve been experiencing stress for long periods of time, it can have a very negative impact on our health and well-being, as well as affecting our relationships, work and self-esteem. Sometimes, stress may be scenario-related, such as with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), where the stressful event has passed, but the sufferer re-lives the stress and panic as if it were still occurring, often experiencing flashbacks or nightmares.

Hypnotherapy can help to re-programme our response to stress, whether it takes a chronic or specific form.

How I can help you deal with Stress

I have extensive knowledge of stress and stress-related disease as I spent years studying the impact of stress, behaviour and mood as part of my MPhil post-graduate degree. I worked with many patients across a variety of healthcare settings, which highlighted how exposure to stress, both long and short-term, can impact health and emotional state. Hypnotherapy is, of course, very relaxing and can help you to develop different ways of thinking about difficult circumstances, but my approach goes far beyond this - I don’t just want you to feel better, I also want to help you to develop skills and resources so that you will be able to cope with things effectively in the future, enhancing your natural resilience, so that you can confidently and successfully cope with any challenges life can throw at you.

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You can BEAT stress. Contact me to find out more.