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Phobias & Fears


As well as general anxiety, I also help people who experience anxiety, fear and panic in relation to specific events or triggers.

Specific phobias and fears

This can include a wide variety of specific triggers. Common ones I help with include things such as a fear of flying, fear of spiders or other creatures, fear of going to the dentist, fear of heights and many more. There are many specific phobias, and I have helped clients deal with both common and uncommon ones. Using a variety of techniques, I can help you to directly re-programme fear templates that cause your phobic reactions, and replace them with neutral responses that no longer cause you any distress.

Non-specific phobias

These include fears such as claustrophobia (irrational fear of confined spaces/being trapped) and agoraphobia (includes fear of open spaces/crowds/lack of escape). Social anxiety and Health anxiety are also considered non-specific phobias as there are multiple triggers and scenarios that can cause panic. The treatment for non-specific phobias and anxiety disorders is different from specific phobias, as there is no single fear template to change and therefore requires a different approach. Hypnotherapy can effectively address the complexities of non-specific phobias, helping you to understand, manage and overcome your fears with confidence.

Panic attacks

These are characterised by single episodes of intense feelings of panic, fear or dread accompanied by intense physical symptoms (such as palpitations, sweating or shaking), and can occur as a result of a specific or non-specific phobia, PTSD, but can also occur with general anxiety disorders. Panic disorder is a separate condition, where panic attacks occur frequently and without apparent cause. Hypnotherapy can help individuals to take control of their underlying anxiety and also to manage the fear of having a panic attack (which often makes the anxiety worse).

“Just the thought of it terrifies me”

“I just panic

“I don’t want to pass on my fear to my kids”

“I just want to be normal”

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