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“Helen has been great - really helped me to overcome my fears and phobias.

Explained everything brilliantly and was very supportive. I'd recommend her to anyone!”

- RV, Bristol

“As well as being a genuinely lovely person, Helen is truly a gifted therapist – and I can say that as I’ve seen a lot. I’m only sorry that it took me so long to find her. I cannot thank her enough for all her help and support, and now feel that I can take on anything.”

- CE, Somerset

“A friend recommended Helen, and I’m so thankful she did. I feel so much better about myself and Helen has helped me to blossom – uncovering confidence I never knew I had. I’ve since recommended her to a family member, and wouldn’t trust anyone else with the mental wellbeing of someone I cared about. I wish I’d seen her sooner.” - DS, Wales

“I thought I’d be stuck with my anxiety – how wrong I was.

Helen was kind, professional and patient – but most importantly, effective!

I’m now free to go and do things I never thought were possible – amazing!” - SL, Bristol

Clients often ask if they can write a formal testimonial for me, as they’re so happy with the changes they’ve made and how good they feel. As humbling and flattering as it is, their journey of change is unique to them, which is why I rarely re-post or publicise the many wonderful comments I receive. I’d much rather people come and make up their own minds for themselves. We all experience negative emotional states differently, and a client’s struggles when they first come to me are unique to them - so, too, is their transformation.

Of course it’s brilliant to hear such wonderful feedback, and I’m very grateful for the many thank you cards, messages, postcards and tokens of appreciation I receive from my clients. I’ve even been sent YouTube links from clients giving speeches, completing marathons, flying off on their holidays and even riding horses - overcoming their fears and feeling confident!

Hypnotherapy Referrals

I’m proud that a large proportion of the clients I see are from word-of-mouth recommendations - happy clients referring family members and friends. I also receive direct referrals from GPs, and other health practitioners and even from other therapists.

Over the years I’ve helped many people to overcome their fears, change their habits, find happiness, and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Each journey of change is unique, and I tailor my approach to each individual who seeks my help, utilising methods and techniques that are the most appropriate for them. We share the journey together, but the true joys of the destination are experienced by the client themselves.

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